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Photo results

I picked up my photos today from the photo processors.

I am happy with my images, and feel that I have captured the style that I wanted, and feel that I have learnt some new techniques.

First Idea

First Idea

For my first idea, I was experimenting with the style of urban decay. I chose to use three chairs as a representation of the three characters in the novel and the mirror poses questions of self reflection and identity, which I feel relates to the novel with the author being unidentified.

Second Idea

Second Idea

These are some examples of the images I produced for my second idea, which involved taking photos of my male subject at quite close proximity, with shallow depth of field, really focussing on the details of the face, so I can use little sections from each image and create the mosaic/ photocollage effect that I have previously researched. As all the images were taken from slightly different angles and camera settings, it creates different shades and highlights.

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