Photo Essays

I really enjoyed this photo essay by Jan Sochar. What struck me most in this set of images was the colours. I love colour photography and these images consist of striking greens and blues. Although these images have inspired me, I don’t want to overuse colour for the windmill images, as it is quite a traditional and preserved subject, so will keep the colours in context with the windmill.

Jan Sochar

Jan Socha

On the subject of colour, another example for great colour photography is the works of David Lachapelle. I have always loved his images, as the colours are so inviting, in particular with this image;

David Lachapelle: Christina Aguilera


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Idea Development: Ellis Windmill

I took a camera up to the area with me, and went to the Lincolnshire Life Museum to see what they offered and discovered that they also are linked to Ellis’s windmill. This sparked some interest from me, as I read that it is run by volunteers as a fully working windmill. I instantly thought this would be ideal, a community of volunteers and the running of the windmill and the whole process of making the bread would be great to document. They weren’t open when I was there, so I took the number and phoned them to be granted permission to take photos over the weekend.

“This wonderful mill is located on Mill Road behind the museum, so called due to the nine windmills that formerly faced west over the steep slopes of the Lincoln Edge. Ellis’s Mill is now the sole survivor of these mills.”

Ellis’ Mill is an excellent surviving example of a small tower mill and dates from 1798.

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I’ve been looking at some of the photo essays on and have drawn some ideas from them, for example some contain text, music and voice 0vers which I would also like to include in mine, and I also noticed the way they cut between the images, the length of time they display different images for, and other effects such as zoom.

I really love the narrative in Hotel Poverty by Shane Bauer. The sound corresponds with the image that is showing, and I would really like to do this with mine. He grasps all the different emotions of living in these hotels, and I love the images he has used and how they have been shot. He really captures the feeling of the place, and I feel like I’m there. I especially love the photo of the rent guy in the booth.

Shane Bauer

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Investigating the area

I have been given an area of Lincoln which I must use to find and photograph a community. I walked up to the area I have been designated (uphill Lincoln). I found some interesting businesses up there which i thought would make an interesting shoot, there are serveral chocolateries and bakeries. I spoke to some of the keepers of these shops, and have been granted permission to take photographs there, however the chocolateries don’t make their chocolate in the store and I really wanted to capture the process of making the chocolates, to serving the customers, to the beautiful presentation of them in the window. I have a bakery in mind where I am going to investigate tomorrow, I am hoping they will make their products on their premises, as then I can photograph the whole process. The customers who come in and the people who work in these shops, are a community, they know each other.

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Documentary Photography

I visited the library to gather some more research on documentary photography. I studied the book ‘Documentary Photography’ by Arthur Rothstein and found some useful statements relating to documentary photography.

“The word document is derived from the latin docere meaning to teach. The documentary photograph does more than convey information. It instructs the viewer in some aspect of society in which truth is revealed”

“The accumulation of visula information to make a strong and effective statement is one of the assets of documentary photography.”

I also found some photos in the book that I thought were interesting;

Eddie adams

Nick Ut; Vietnam 1972

Benedict J. Fernandez

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Assignment 5: Documentary Brief

For this assignment I am going to produce a set of documentary photographs. This means getting involved with a community and talking to people, and getting an insight into another world, and showing this through a set of images.

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